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Doctor Flavia Delmastro has extensive experience in veterinary surgical procedures. She also focuses her medical attention on preventative and internal medicine. Her experience provides the understanding and tools to give quality care to your pets.

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medical services

  • Wellness Exams - We believe in the theory of preventive health care for your pet. Our doctors recommend regular visits and vaccinations in order to keep your pet free of illness and disease. This will ensure a happier and healthier future for your beloved pet. An office visit includes a comprehensive physical examination and discussion of your pet's progress. The visit will also include recommendations on diet, dental care and vaccinations. The doctors believe that this course of action will aid in the prevention of potential illness and rapid detection and treatment of any ailment.

  • In-House Laboratory work - We are equipped with a laboratory in which we are able to perform routine tests. Any complex laboratory tests are sent to an outside professional laboratory for analysis. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with extensive diagnostic services.

  • In-House Digital X-rays - We are equipped with a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine so that a quick and accurate diagnosis can be made. This equipment ensures that your pet will receive treatment with a full and comprehensive understanding of the ailment as soon as possible.

  • Pet Dentistry - Good dental hygiene is important for your pet's overall health. We provide routine dental prophylaxis including extractions and/or treatment of dental disease.

  • Vaccinations - For our standard protocol for dogs and cats please see our FAQ page.
  • Parasite Control - Our doctors can recommend treatment & prevention protocols for both internal and external parasites.

  • Surgery - The doctors believe that no surgery is routine and therefore each procedure is handled with great care and is never taken lightly. They use a very safe anesthetic protocol and also provide follow-up care to make sure that your pet recovers safely, quickly and comfortably. Post-surgery boarding is provided when necessary and at the doctors' discretion.
    • Most soft-tissue surgery
      • - Spaying and Neutering
      • - Neuticles Silicone Testicle implants
      • - Declawing
      • - Other (inquire)

  • Dietary Consultation (see FAQs page)

  • Acupuncture/Pain Management - Dr. Delmastro is certified to treat animals with acupuncture.

  • House Calls - Under specific conditions with pre-arrangement

  • Boarding before surgery - pets scheduled for surgery can be brought to the clinic the night before and boarded overnight for no fee with pre-arrangement.

  • Behavioral Counseling (see FAQs page)

  • Boarding - We provide boarding facilities to our clients. All boarded pets are given love and attention along with veterinary care should it be necessary.
    * From Thanksgiving through the New Year, spring school breaks and all other holidays are our busiest times. We suggest you make the boarding reservations for your pet(s) early to avoid being turned away.

    Please see our FAQs page for required vaccinations.Download our Boarding Form here.

  • Basic Grooming - We provide basic grooming, with or without sedation if necessary.

  • Many products are provided for purchase including but not limited to:
    • Prescription Pet Foods
      • - Royal Canin
      • - Hill's
      • - Purina

    • Flea and Tick Prevention
      • - Vectra 3D
      • - NexGard
      • - Revolution for Cats

    • Grooming Products
      • - Furminators
      • - Shampoo and more

    • Behavioral Support Products

    • Oral Hygiene Products

    • Heartworm Preventative
      • - Sentinel

    • Supplements